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Unique Features of Mobile Libraries

Fully computerized library automation system

The only mobile library which is supporting to grass-root level of the country

Pre-project Survey – Affordability and Accessibility are major challenge


Village coverage : 45-50 villages in each site

Two Weeks Circle

Two Books at a time

Suggestion forms

3 Channels of borrowing

  • Mobile buses
  • Central library
  • Sub-centres

Mobile Buses

Central Library


Kaw Hmu : 13 Nay Pyi Taw : 3

Other Activities

Computer Training Classes :


No of Students attended: Pass Rate 95% (Gr 4) ―― Overall % ―― 65% 65% (Gr 8) ―― Overall % ―― 27.3%

Literary and Knowledge Talks

      • 12 Times
      • Talks on reading promotion
      • Talks on health, education, environment, etc.


      More MBL in Different Part of Country

      Computer Training Schools with New Computers

      English Language and other capacity building trainings such as financial education


      Creating a knowledge base society for most needed communities in Myanmar.


      • To promotee reading habit among students and villagers
      • To promote the use of public libraries at the ward/village level and the systematic utilization of school libraries by school children
      • To support the education system of the country with curricular and extra-curricular books (Myanmar as well as English) and educational materials suitable for students and teachers
      • To establish places for accessing information relevant to rural development and to gain knowledge on livelihood, agriculture, health, job opportunities, civic education, commodity prices, etc.
      • To create a knowledge-based society through books
      • To organize literary talks by famous authors to promote reading habit, and to give information on civic society, health, education, economy and politics
      • To provide basic computer training skills to students and interested civilians.
      • To acquire required information through modern technology via the internet.

      Books Supply and Circulation

      At present, 20,000 to 25,000 books are circulated in each mobile library site. Most of the books are in Myanmar language and some bilingual books are circulated. Each member can borrow (2) books for (2) weeks during which members normally swap with their peers. Each member has to register but it is free of charge. Books on livelihood, agriculture, health, education, self-development, English language proficiency skills, basic computer training, and Myanmar literature including bestselling novels, short stories, poetry collections, essays, and children books will be given priority. Weekly serials are also supplied to get current affairs. A library automation software “eLib” is used to control the inventory and information on whole library system.

      Channels of Borrowing

      There are three channels of borrowing the books. First of members are borrowing from our mobile buses which regularly come to the same spot every two week. Secondly, members can come and borrow from the central library which is a base unit where we have office, store and a garage. Thirdly, we create sub-centre which are located in remote area and our buses cannot reach them. Libraries and community centres from these sub-centres regularly come to our buses every two week to pickup books.

      Other Library Services

      In order to promote reading habit and gain knowledge, our centres organize literary talk and knowledge sharing sessions. Moreover, English language training skills, teachers’ training and workshop were carried out with other organizations. Famous authors and experts from various fields give talk on education, health, livelihood, agriculture, environment and many interesting topics which benefit to the community. We are also working with other charitable organizations to offer service and knowledge to the need of the community. Each centre also offers basic ICT training to the locals for digital skills. Hundreds of students have finished these trainings and have received good jobs in various fields.


          MBL project will run with total support from Local and International donors. Daw Khin Kyi Foundation is set up legitimately with approval from Ministry of Home Affairs, thus, it will officially accept funds and project related materials from any person/ persons and associations/ organizations from Myanmar and abroad.

      Transparency in using donor’s fund

      Up to date monthly account statement and stock inventory with relevant supporting documents will be kept and made available to donors on request. Audited annual financial report will be made available at end of every financial year (April – March) on Daw Khin Kyi Foundation website under sub-heading of MBL project.

      Impact Assessment and Report

      Periodic impact assessment will be carried out at regular intervals every 6 months. Qualitative as well as quantitative assessment of the impact of Mobile Library Project will always be made available on DKKF website. Suggestions and comments from public through internet and website will be taken into serious account and improvement will be made to achieve best outcome.


      Daw Khin Kyi Foundation MBL project will work closely with Ministry of Information and Ministry of Education to carry out field operations. Currently, Project gets support from Beyond Access, Asia Foundation, Open Society Foundation and National Library of Singapore, in forms of kind, funding and training of librarians.

      Current Mobile Library Sites

      At present, we are operating mobile library operations in (4) sites. We are planning to expand the operation to other regions in the near future.  

      Myaung Mya


      Central Library, Myaung Mya Township & Kwe Lwe Village, Myaung Mya Township 



      Taung Thu Kone, Innsein Township & Aung Zayar Min Monasteric School, Hlaing Thar Yar Township

      Kaw Hmu


      Myothit Qtr, Bogyoke Road, Kaw Hmu Township

      Nay Pyi Taw


      No.17, Paung Laung (2) Qtr, U Paing No.(894), Pyinmana Tsp, Yamaethin Division, Nay Pyi Taw



      No (4/10), Htinshu Myaing Road, (4) Qtr



      No.501, Taung Dwin Road, Aung San Qtr, Natmauk


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